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Courier Management Software is a web-based platform that streamlines all operations related to the courier business. It handles the complete process starting from the booking of the parcel, pickup, and delivery of the same. All the parcel details, along with the current status, shows up on a single screen making the process transparent. It covers all processes involved in Courier Services and Pickup & Delivery. Advanced Courier Tracking Software with GPS provides clients with an estimated time of delivery, real-time updates, and route optimization.

What MakesNextGen Courier Better?

Managing the courier business is complicated, as multiple factors must be considered to provide the best services to customers. The digitalization of the management process provides high accuracy and improves customer satisfaction.


A Computerized System

Easy to use and responsive system that will organize the enterprise infrastructure and reduce time and cost spent with effective data management that will help to keep records and monitor the activities.


Hub Management

Manage different hubs of your courier business easily and control hub performance.


Overall Financial Management

Manage the financial sector of the business. Billing, Invoice, Online Payment, and other financial work shall be managed by this system. Also, expenditures, back office, etc. will be managed.


HR & Payroll System

Automate the basic administrative tasks, keep track of riders and other employees, pay benefits and compensations, manage leaves, salary etc.


Store Management

Keep track of the parcels that have been stored, record when they leave the warehouse, catalog the parcels, etc.


Merchant Management

Manage the merchants who have registered with the courier service, keep track of their orders, deliveries, payments, etc.


Rider Management

Manage your riders for delivery and pickups, track riders, assign riders for delivery or pickup etc.


Notification System

Notification System to alert the merchant, rider and the courier service of any update regarding any delivery.


SMS Facility

Send SMS to Notify rider or merchant of any update, upcoming delivery etc.


Reports & Analytics

Generate daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly, and yearly reports of sales, revenue, performance, merchant payment report, etc.


Custom Search Engine

Make a customized search with your requirement to get the report you desire. You can search for something using different filters.

Main Features That Makes NextGen Courier a Better Choice.

Courier Management System is an essential part of running a Courier Business. It organizes the workflow thus saving time and money being spent on it. NextGen Courier Management Software has some outstanding features that help in operating the system effectively and makes it a better choice. Those are listed below:

Admin Panel:
  • Multiple User Dashboard
  • Hub Management
  • Role Management
  • Deliveries
  • Merchant Management
  • Products
  • Rider Management
  • Amendment Deliveries
  • Invoices
  • Expense Management
  • Voucher
  • Financial Statement
  • Search Engine
  • Notification
  • Store Management
Merchant Panel:
  • Merchant Dashboard
  • Pickup Request
  • Track delivery
  • Reschedule Delivery
  • Delivered list
  • Returned list
  • Online Payment
  • Payment List
  • Merchant History
Rider Panel:
  • Rider Dashboard
  • Assigned List
  • Delivered
  • On Hold
  • Partially Delivered
  • Exchanged
  • Rescheduled
  • Returned
  • Cash Collected
  • Cash Handover

Happy Clients Feedback

Our main purpose is to give satisfaction to our customers and support them. Let's see what our recent customer has to say.

NextGen Courier Management System is a very well-designed courier management software that is helping us in managing our courier business and enhancing its performance. It is an easy to use and responsive system that comes with a nice user-friendly interface and very easy to manage. It is very easy to use and meets our requirements perfectly. I recommend it to everyone.
Atiqur Rahman

Managing Director (Provati Courier)