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Many Educational Institutes have digitalized their day-to-day activities. In today's time, every institution around the world needs one or another kind of Institute Management System or which is called Institute Management Software. This administration software helps educational institutions by automating regular administrative tasks. This software offers a range of functionality for everything from applications to student performance monitoring.

Why Choose Next Institution Management System?

Institute Management Software enables educational institutions to digitally manage and monitor daily activities on a single platform. This software can automate and optimize teacher workload, helps institutions to simplify enrollment processing, and enables teachers to monitor student’s academic progress. Next Institution Management System is a well-designed software developed to manage any educational institute. This software includes all the modules that an educational institute needs. With this software, your institution can manage all the activities of the institution like Attendance Management, Student Result Management, Admission Management, etc. It is the best institution software integrated with all the necessary features required for an institution in one platform. It is very user-friendly and easy to use.


Student & Teacher Attendance System

Students and teachers can give their attendance using their ID cards or fingerprint.


Automatic SMS sent to Parents with Attendance

Alert the parents regarding the students’ attendance.


Online Result Management

The result will be published online and will be accessible to students.


Library Management

Library Inventory, book catalog, book checkout, return, etc. will be recorded and managed.


Student Fees Management

Tuitions Fee, Exam Fee, etc. will be paid by the students and recorded automatically within the system.


Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar will be posted which will mark every important day, holiday, and event day.


Academic Message

All academic notices and messages will be posted.

Main Features That Makes Next Institution Management System

Next Institution Management System is very well-designed management software. The primary goal of this software is to manage and automate the operations of an educational institute and help them in their day-to-day work. Next Institution Management System has some outstanding features that help in operating the system effectively and makes it a better choice. Those are listed below:

  • Login
  • Signup
  • Dashboard
  • Student Management System
  • Teacher Management System
  • Student & teacher ID Card
  • Faculty / Staff ID Card
  • Student & Teacher Online Attendance System
  • Attendance Device with fingerprint and Card punching
  • Automatic SMS sent to Parents with Attendance
  • Manual SMS Panel for all
  • Online Result Management System
  • Result Automation
  • Automatic Mark sheet & Tabulation sheet Generation
  • Accounting Software
  • Inventory Software
  • Library Management System
  • Fee Management System
  • Payroll Manage
  • Routine Management System
  • Customize Grading System
  • Session/Section/Shift/Course/Class/Department Exam Type Management System
  • Exam Mark entry for Individual Teachers and Admin
  • Student Subject Assign System
  • Exam Controlling System
  • Multiple Admin/User Management System with Individual Access Permission
  • Career/Job Manage
  • Unlimited Latest Update Managements
  • Unlimited Notice Management
  • Unlimited News & Events Management
  • Unlimited Photo & Video Gallery Management
  • Unlimited Banner Management
  • Faculty Member Database
  • Unlimited Menu Management
  • Unlimited Content Management
  • Academic Message
  • Academic Calendar
  • Dynamic Google Map Option

Happy Clients Feedback

Our main purpose is to give satisfaction to our customers and support them. Let's see what our recent customer has to say.

Next Institution Management System is a very well-designed institution management software that is helping us in managing all the activities of the institution. This software includes all the modules that an educational institute needs. It is an easy to use and responsive software that comes with a nice user-friendly interface. It meets our requirements perfectly. I recommend it for any educational institute.
Dr. Shah Mahfuzur Rahman

Joint Secretary (SSFB)

Next Institution Management System is a outstanding management software that helps us in managing the activities of our institution. The software is easy to use, well-designed, responsive and comes with a nice user-friendly interface. It meets our requirements perfectly. We recommend it for any educational institute.
Zobair Ahamed