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Why You Need
Insurance App?

The popularity of online insurance apps is increasing from year to year, although the situation wasn't always the same. Things have changed quite recently. To be precise, the demand for Insurance Mobile Apps started growing only after 2017. A year earlier, the entire industry was deprived of flexibility and unadapted to new technologies. However, gradually large market players realized the need for change and began to introduce innovative digital solutions. Today, national general insurance apps are becoming more and more common, and a successful business cannot do without them. Moreover, experts predict that interest in them will keep growing in the coming years.

What Makes Smart Insurance App A Better Choice?

Smart Insurance App is about online insurance management system for taking care of policies and keeping track of customer information. The primary goal of this application is to automate all insurance-related functions and provide consumers with online insurance services.


Policy Advisor Tab

There is a Policy Advisor tab for both anonymous user and policyholders that allows users to acquire policy advice from the system and calculate premiums after providing certain information.


Premium Calculator

This App has a feature that allows clients to calculate the premium for any policy they choose to purchase using this system.


Online Payment Method

Customers can pay their premiums online with much less hassle by using Bkash, Nagad, and credit/debit cards.


Customer Verification

The App will use the e-KYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) process to verify the customer's personal details from NID when applying for a policy.


Grievance Tab

From the Grievance tab, a user can make a complaint about any cause, including dissatisfaction with an action or lack of action by the company's service standard or defect.


Email Notification

Customers will receive email notifications for every action they do, such as confirmation notifications after purchasing policies, reminders before due dates, after payment, Grievance Update, interesting presents, and so on.

Main Features That Smart Insurance App Makes a Better Choice

Smart Insurance App is a very well-designed mobile application. The primary goal of this application is to automate all insurance-related functions and provide consumers with online insurance services. The application will be developed in both Android and iOS platform. Smart Insurance App has some outstanding features that helps in operating the application effectively and makes it a better choice. Those are listed below:

Policy Holder App:

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Product Showcase
  • Person Details
  • Deposit Instruction
  • Policy Status
  • Nominee Details
  • Benefits
  • Maturity Details
  • Payment History
  • Premium Certificate
  • Online Payment
  • Loan Request
  • Push Notification
  • Log Out

Agent App- KPI:

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Personal Details
  • My Branch
  • Policy Handover
  • Policy List
  • Policy Claims
  • Due Policy
  • Lapse Policy
  • Notification
  • Provident Fund
  • Recruitment
  • Team
  • Payment Gateway (To Company)
  • Integrated with NID
  • Log Out

AGENT APP—On Boarding:

  • Dashboard
  • Product Showcase
  • Product Benefits
  • Compare Policy Benefit
  • Compare Product
  • Lead Entry
  • Lead Follow up
  • Create Quotation
  • Email Quotation
  • FAQ
  • Video Tutorial
  • Integrated with ERP

Admin Panel:

  • Login
  • Policy Entry
  • Policy Setup
  • Policy Management
  • Image Set up
  • Other setup Added based on requirements

Happy Clients Feedback

Our main purpose is to give satisfaction to our customers and support them. Let's see what our recent customer has to say.

Smart Insurance App is a very well-designed mobile insurance application that is helping us in offering our insurance policies in an online platform and enhancing company performance. It is an easy to use and responsive mobile application that comes with a nice user-friendly interface and very attractive. It is very easy to use and meets our requirements perfectly. I recommend it to everyone.
MIR Rashed Bin Aman

Chief Executive Officer(SLICL)