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Telemedicine Apps is a cross-platform mobile application targeted toward medical and healthcare purposes. It primarily focuses on making the hassle of booking, following, and organizing doctor’s appointments’ easier for both Patients and Doctors. There will also be online doctor consultation, e-prescription, e-pharmacy, and e-Pathology service features.

Why Choose Next Med Telemedicine?

The rapid growth in the number of people using telemedicine apps has widened the market for such apps. It is a prime reason that many hospitals and clinics are now considering the need for telemedicine app development. NextMed Telemedicine Apps are designed with an easy-to-use interface, are attractive, and meet all requirements of telemedicine.


Doctor Appointment

A patient can make an appointment with a particular doctor during the available time slot of the doctor's schedule. A doctor will set their available schedule with maximum patient load for the time slot. A doctor will call the patient for telemedicine using the apps.



Manage your pharmacy, medicine inventory, order medicine from the pharmacy online, deliver medicine to the patient, etc.


Online Payment Method

Patients can pay their payments online with much less hassle by using Bkash, Nagad, and credit/debit cards.


Patient App

A patient user group is the targeted customer for the telemedicine service. A patient can search for doctors, make an appointment, virtually consult a doctor, upload documents, order medicine, etc.


Doctor App

The strongest stakeholder of the software. A doctor will call the patient for telemedicine using the apps.


Notification System

Notification System to alert the doctors, patients, and the pharmacy of any update through e-mail, SMS, and In-App notifications.

Main Features That Make NextMed Telemedicine Apps

NextMed Telemedicine is a very well-designed Telemedicine Platform. The primary goal of these is to create an online platform where patients can make an appointment with a doctor, connect with doctors virtually, order medicine online, get home delivery, etc. NextMed Telemedicine Apps has some outstanding features that help in operating the system effectively and make it a better choice. Those are listed below:

Patient App/Web:
  • Doctor Search and view doctor profile
  • Doctor Appointment
  • Payment and confirm the appointment
  • Upload Documents
  • Uploaded document list
  • Grant Privilege
  • Cancel appointment
  • Authentication
  • Purchase & Procurement
  • Supplier Management
  • Store & Inventory
  • Sales
  • Financial Accounts
  • Reports & Analytics
Doctor App:
  • Appointed patient worklist
  • Appointed Patient Details – EMR, old e-prescriptions, investigation, uploaded documents
  • Patient Video Call
  • Prescription Engine
  • Prescription preview
  • Set preferred Diagnostic Center/Hospital for Pathology or admission
  • View all prescribed patients with the search option (date range)
  • Daily income details (patient-wise)
  • Cancel patient appointment, change
Delivery Rider:
  • Assigned Delivery Item List
  • Picked Delivery
  • On the Way Delivery
  • Completed Delivery
  • Order Status Update Once Meet with Customer to Delivery
  • Canceled Delivery
  • Notification System
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Total Cash Collected
  • Total Earnings

Happy Clients Feedback

Our main purpose is to give satisfaction to our customers and support them. Let's see what our recent customer has to say.

NextMed Telemedicine Apps are very well-designed, provides excellent performance and meets our requirements perfectly. The apps are easy to use, responsive and comes with a nice user-friendly interface. It. We recommend it for everyone.
MD. Sohel Ahmed

Managing Director (MCARE)

NextMed Telemedicine Apps provides an excellent performance. These apps are very well-designed, easy to use and attractive to our customers. We recommend it for everyone.
Tanvir Ahamed

IT Head (Blue's Care Aid)